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The History Of Fish Oil

One of the top causes of death in the United States is omega 3 deficiency. In fact, the American Heart Association recommends that everyone consume fish a minimum of two times per week. This includes all kinds of fatty fish such as tuna, lake trout, salmon, herring, and more. While foods are going to be your best option for getting omega 3 into your diet, fish oil supplements do provide a good amount of nutrients for those that either can’t stomach the taste of fish or for those that simply cannot consume fresh fish as often. The benefits of regular fish oil supplements are going to be similar to those of consuming fresh fatty fish. In this article, we will be going over some more on the history of fish oil, it’s benefits, it’s side effects, and where you can find it.

The History Of Fish Oil

Benefits Of Fish Oil:

There are a number of benefits that you are going to get from taking fish oil. Below, we will be going over some of the main ones.

1. ADHD.

A couple of studies have pointed towards fish oils benefits for those that suffer from ADHD. The study showed that a combination of fish oil and evening primrose oil can actually help decrease the symptoms of ADHD.

2. Anxiety.

Another benefit that has been thoroughly researched is fish oil’s ability to help those that suffer from severe anxiety. Fish oil was able to counteract and reverse all kinds of anxiety-like behavior changes in rats. This goes to show the importance of supplementing with fish oil at the most critical periods of the brain’s natural development cycle. Thus, it shows how important tit is to give fish oil and/or fatty fish to kids from an early age in order to help prevent them from developing anxiety later on in life.

3. Arthritis.

Another benefit that has been thoroughly researched is one that showed fish oil’s unique benefits for those that suffer from the common condition known as arthritis. Fish oil is able to really help those that suffer from this condition because it has powerful anti inflammatory properties. This ultimately allows the supplement to effectively decrease the inflammation and pain in patients.

3. Cancer.

Believe it or not, but fish oil has actually been found to help reduce the risk of certain cancers including breast, colon, and prostate. Not only has it been used in treatments along with conventional cancer medication, but it has actually been recommended as a stand alone treatment – as well. The DHA and PUFAs in the fish oil are what help to decrease the risk of developing cancer and that keep the cancer from spreading at a fast rate.

There are many other unique benefits to fish oil. Above, we have really only gone over a few of them. Now that we have gone over some of the benefits, we will be going over some of the reasons as to why fish oil is so effective.

Reasons Fish Oil Is So Effective:

1. DHA.

Fish oil contains omega 3 fatty acids that are essential to our bodies. In particular, they are essential to our brains. This fatty acid – also known as Docosahexaenoic acid, is so critical to our brains that it is recommended those that are pregnant and/or nursing to take a multi vitamin with DHA added. That way, the fetus is able to develop properly.

2. EPA.

EPA is another fatty acid that is highly present in fish oil supplements. EPA which is also known as Eicosapentaenoic acid, is critical as well. This particular fatty acid comes from synthesizing it or they obtain it from the algae that they consume on a regular basis. This particular fatty acid is known to be very effective for lowering inflammation.

As you can probably tell, there are many reasons why fish oil supplements are so beneficial to consume on an every day basis. The fact is, a majority of people are deficient in omega 3 essential fatty acids. In fact, the average person consumes over 6 times the amount of omega 6 fatty acids than omega 3. The amount of disease and the increase in heart disease can be linked to this utter deficiency in a majority of people. The best way to combat this kind of deficiency is by increasing the intake of fish and/or fish oil supplements. While obtaining the omega 3 fatty acids from food is the ideal solution, the simple fact is, not everyone is going to be able to get a sufficient amount of food alone. Whether it is because they cannot find fresh fish where they live or they simply do not like the taste of it. Regardless, you should try to get fish oil into your diet as it comes with many benefits.

How Daily Intake Of Fish Oil Can Help With Weight Loss And Many Forms Of Inflammation


There are plenty of people that already know that eating fish is highly beneficial, however, we are constantly warned by our governments and scientists to not consume too much for fear of mercury and PCB contamination. This is a very sad state of affairs, and if you look at the recommended amounts, you’ll find that you really can’t eat enough fish to get the therapeutical amounts of oil you really need to stay healthy. The fact is, we are finding out that in nearly every part of our bodies, fish oil has some kind of benefit, and we really need to be consuming it daily, not monthly.

How Daily Intake Of Fish Oil Can Help With Weight Loss And Many Forms Of Inflammation

Humans Have A Long History Of Eating Fish

Probably since the beginning of time, humans have had a love affair with fish. Nearly every body of water, salt or fresh, is full of fish. Some rivers have fish runs where the fish are so plentiful you can almost walk across the water on their backs. So of course, early man would take advantage of these plentiful supplies of great tasting food.

Many early American Indian villages were built right along the rivers where the fish would pass several times per year to climb the falls and mate. Then the Indians would smoke and dry the fish in order to keep the meat edible for weeks to come.

Early Europeans built boats and sailed the seas using nets, spears and hooks to catch as many fish as their boats would hold. Unfortunately, by the start of the industrial age, we had polluted much of the rivers, lakes and streams near our largest populations. The worst contaminates tended to be heavy metals like mercury and chemicals like PCBs.

Fish tend to absorb these pollutants and become toxic for humans to eat in the amounts that our bodies demand to remain healthy. If you carefully read all of the fish limitations published you’ll have a hard time eating the proper kinds of oily fish that you need without being poisoned.

Now Fish Oil Supplements Are Made From Factional Distilled Oils

This advanced process eliminates all of the heavy metals, and PCB chemicals that are a danger to us, and we can consume the beneficial oil as often as we’d like without any risks. The only side effects would be the same as consuming lots of fish, and that would be fish breath. This can be mitigated with the supplements by taking them before meals.

This is good news for most people, the recommended daily intake to relieve arthritis pain and increase joint lubrication is about 1,600 mg. for adult men. This would be a dangerous amount of mercury if consumed in fish on a daily basis. Supplements are tested by the FDA on a regular basis to make sure they are adhering to the regulations.

The Oils In Fish Can Be A Weight Loss Tool As Well

New research has found that taking the fatty acids contained in fish oil, DHA and EPA, daily can help our bodies lose weight. The research being done suggests that the oil somehow encourages the cells to increase their intake of insulin, which is the hormone that helps our cells burn sugar.

Many people with type II diabetes have extra insulin in their blood steam, but somehow it has a difficult time doing its job of helping cells intake sugar. By facilitating this one process it’s thought that the fish oil speeds up the metabolism and also helps reduce the incidence of diabetes at the same time.

DHA And EPA Are Also Thought To Decrease Strokes And Heart Attacks

Heart attacks are primarily caused by the buildup of arterial plaques which in turn cause inflammation on the arterial walls. This is a dangerous situation that can result in a heart attack or stroke at any minute. Not only does DHA and EPA help to reduce the plaques that have built up, but they also have an anti-inflammatory effect on the entire body, not just the arteries.

By cutting back on the inflammation you can reduce your risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease too. Much of the problem with diseases of the brain involve the same inflammation that causes heart attacks and strokes. It’s clear that the overall benefit of consuming fish oil seem to involve inflammation in many different parts of the body.

Pregnant Women Are Highly Recommended To Consume EPA and DHA

For about 40 years pediatricians have stressed to pregnant women that eating fish was linked to higher intelligence in newborn babies. But since eating contaminated fish was so bad for the baby’s health they had to change the recommendation to supplements instead. Be sure and contact your doctor for the exact dose that is needed if you’re pregnant.

It’s pretty clear that humans evolved on a diet that was high in fish. We most likely lived near water that was loaded with fish for thousands of years and our bodies developed and adjusted to the fish oil that they contained. Now, due to the pollutants in the water, the only safe way to get the necessary amount of DHA and EPA is through daily supplementation.

The Many Benefits Of Adding Fish Oil Supplements To Your Diet

There are many hundreds of benefits that nearly anyone can gain by taking fish oil. Researchers have known about most of the uses for decades and have been proving their validity through double blind tests for years. At the same time, even more different uses are being discovered, making fish oil a wonder nutrient that is safe for all ages and recommended for them as well. Let’s take a closer look at some of the many uses of fish oil, the side effects, the history, and how daily intake is necessary for a long and healthy lifetime.

Benefits Of Adding Fish Oil Supplements To Your Diet

Fish Have Been A Staple Food For Millennia

Since the dawn of human civilization, we have been eating fish, sometimes from the sea and other times from lakes and rivers. Archeologists have found sharpened spears for catching fish in the most ancient caves and dig sites. There are piles of fish bones in nearly every campsite found of early humans near any body of water.

For the most part, early humans just consumed fish for food, and of course, the delicious taste that we all recognize. There have been theories put forth that 150,000 years ago some humans realized that the special fats that fish contained helped make them smarter, but it’s very hard to prove either way.

The first manufacturer of fish oil is thought to have happened in the late 1770s in England, where cod liver oil was extracted and sold to help relieve the pain of arthritis. The biggest problem was that the water where the cod were raised contained lots of pollutants like mercury in large doses. We didn’t realize it was a dangerous element then and there weren’t methods to easily test for it.

Modern Fish Oil Is Highly Refined And Free Of Contamination

The oil is now refined by advanced methods that use faction distillation to separate all of the contaminants and purify the oils. Then antioxidants are added to preserve freshness so the oil doesn’t turn rancid before you use it. Now that the supply is safe there are no reasons not to take as much oil as you need.

Since there are no more heavy metals, there are very few light side effects that shouldn’t deter anyone from using the supplements. Some people do experience a slight fish breath, but if the supplements are taken with food that problem is usually eliminated.
The United States Food And Drug Administration has set no upper limit on the daily consumption of these beneficial oils. In capsule form, they are far safer than actually eating fish because of the molecular distillation that reduces the pollutants found in some fish.

Oils From Fish Contain EPA And DHA Fatty Acids

These fatty acids have been proven to help increase the intelligence of children when taken regularly. There have also been studies that show a slight decrease in hyperactivity and an increase in mental focus in children as well. This is thought to be the consequence of low EPA and DHA in their young bodies that is boosted by supplementation.

By increasing the Omega 3s, which is the healthy fat in fish oil, you help to decrease the Omega 6s that are the cause inflammation. This inflammation is a root cause of many modern diseases and by balancing the two, higher brain function has been noted by researchers in double-blind studies.

Omega 3 Has Been Linked To Less Alzheimer’s In The Aged

The original study was of a broad group of hundreds of thousands of Europeans which showed that a huge portion of them had far fewer incidences of Alzheimer’s in their aged populations. Those with less disease were from coastal communities that consumed large amounts of fish in their diets.

Then scientists did the testing to see if the oils taken in capsules would gain the same benefits as eating the fish. That’s how it was discovered that diets high in Omega 3 fat is beneficial for those wanting to delay or eliminate altogether their risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

At the same time, the Omega 3s were also found to help reduce the plaque on the inner walls of most people’s arteries which can help reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks. So it seems, for those that are growing old, supplements are highly recommended, especially if you include the added benefit of reduced arthritic pain as well.

Researchers are now investigating the effects of Omega 3s on mood. Many people are experiencing a slight lift in their depression that seems to improve the longer that one continues to take the supplements. It’s thought that the DHA and EPA help to stabilize nerve cell walls while increasing serotonin levels, which is an important neurotransmitter in our brains.

The list of helpful benefits that result from eating more fish, or taking the supplements, is growing longer by the day. It’s fairly clear that the human body evolved eating fish as a regular part of our diets and without it, we are lacking in needed nutrients. By consuming supplements, we can avoid the problems with pollutants and gain all the advantages of eating fish daily with none of the risks.

The Potential Side Effects Of Fish Oil

According to a study conducted at Harvard University, the deficiency of omega 3 fatty acid is one of the top ten causes of death in the United States. These fatty acids have been known to decrease inflammation which can impact the body in numerous ways. For one, it can decrease the chances of developing heart disease. It can also decrease the risk of a heart attack because of it’s unique anti inflammatory properties. It can also be used effectively in the treatment of many other health related issues including ADHD, arthritis, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, autoimmune disease, and even macular degeneration. As you can probably tell, omega 3 fatty acids are extremely important to the body and an imbalance of omega 3 to omega 6 can set your body up to fail. In this article, we will be going over a little more about fish oil which happens to be one of the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids.

The Potential Side Effects Of Fish Oil

Fish Oil:

Fish oil is one of the best ways to get more omega 3 into your daily diet. This is due to the fact that fish oil contains a large amount of essential fatty acids that can quickly re-balance the improper ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 in your body. This is because it is one of natures more pure and richest sources of various omega 3 fatty acids including DHA and EPA.

Omega 3 Deficiency Side Effects:

A lot of people’s health problems are likely to be a direct or indirect result of their imbalance of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. While omega 6 fatty acids are not necessarily terrible for you, they can be if they are consumed in excess amounts without the presence of omega 3 to balance them out. This is because they can result in significant amounts of inflammation.

1. Inflammation.

That brings us to the first side effect – inflammation. The problem that occurs when you consume too many omega 6 fatty acids in your diet and you do not get enough omega 3 to counteract it is inflammation occurs. Inflammation is often referred to as the root of all disease. If you have too much inflammation in your body, you are going to end up with health problems. Unfortunately, today the average American actually has a 20:1 ratio of omega 6 to omega 3. Whereas, a healthy ratio is going to be somewhere around a 2:1 ratio of omega 6 to omega 3. This shows how completely deficient a lot of us are and why it is so critical to supplement with effective omega 3 supplements.

Now that we have gone over some of the side effects related to the deficiency of omega 3 fatty acids, we will be going over some of the side effects associated with actually taking fish oil as a supplement.

Side Effects Of Fish Oil:

1. Fishy Taste.

This one is completely harmless, but it’s worth mentioning. You are likely to end up with a fishy taste in your mouth and if you burp. This might turn some off. The good news is there are fish oil supplements on the market that are actually odorless that will allow you to take fish oil without experiencing this problem too much.

2. Upset Stomach.

This is another common side effect that a lot of people have when they take fish oil supplements. You might end up with an upset stomach in particular if you do not eat anything before you take the supplement.

3. Loose Stools.

This is another fairly common side effect that you are likely to get if you take too much fish oil at once. You may end up with diarrhea or loose stools.

4. Nausea.

This is another side effect that is common among those that take fish oil as a supplement. You might experience some form of nausea.

Now that we have gone over all of the side effects that you may or may not experience, it is important to understand that the benefits outweigh the potential negatives in this case. A deficiency in omega 3 fatty acids is not something to take lightly. Therefore, it is important to try to get as much of this as you can into your diet. If possible, you will want to try to monitor your intake of omega 6 fatty acids in your diet. That way, you can properly look at and manage your ratios accordingly. This is ultimately going to allow you to experience much better overall health because your body is not going to be in a constant state of inflammation. This is a great way to not only help yourself feel better but it can truly impact your health in more ways than one. Talk to your doctor before beginning to take any kind of fish oil supplement to ensure it is not going to interact poorly with your current medical routine.

Benefits Of Fish Oil Pills For Hair Growth

Fish oil supplements may be difficult to swallow, but they are certainly worth the trouble. There are a lot of unique benefits that you are going to get from taking fish oil on a regular basis. Not only can they effectively reduce inflammation and keep your heart healthy, but they can also help decrease inflammation on your skin. However, the benefits do not stop there. In fact, fish oil actually has the ability to have a positive and significant impact on your hair growth. In this article, we will be going over fish oil supplements and we will discuss why they are so good for your hair.

Benefits Of Fish Oil Pills For Hair Growth

What Is In A Fish Oil Pill?

Fish oil pills contain purified essential omega 3 fatty acids that are directly obtained from fresh fish. The fish that are typically used in these kinds of capsules are usually the ones with the highest fat content. These fish include but are not limited to salmon, sardines, and/or anchovies. The good thing about using smaller fish is the fact that they generally will absorb a lot less mercury and thus have lesser of a chance for having negative impacts from it.

How Do They Benefit The Skin?

Studies have shown that fish oil supplements can effectively benefit the skin by reducing overall inflammation in it. Therefore, anyone that experiences skin conditions that occurs as a result of inflammation including rosacea and acne will benefit. Even more, they will end up providing your skin with much more hydration than you would have ever gotten without them. Thus, your skin will end up looking a lot more hydrated, healthy, and better overall.

How Fish Oil Benefits Your Hair?

Because fish oil contains essential fatty acids, it will ultimately allow your hair to grow faster and stronger than ever before. Omega 3 fatty acids are a very healthy fat than can help to reduce the amount of skin dryness that you suffer from. Thus, if you are someone that experiences dry scalp conditions such as an itchy scalp or dandruff, you are going to end up benefiting from taking omega 3 fatty acids. Unfortunately, as we age, the natural oils that help to lubricate our scalp end up decreasing. Therefore, it can end up leading to dry and brittle hair that falls out easily. The good thing about taking fish oil is the fact that you are essentially replace this natural oil and allow your scalp to have a greater overall health as a result. Many studies have shown that an intake of fish oil can in fact lead to hair follicles being repaired that have been damaged as a result of having a lack of essential fatty acids.

The omega 3 fatty acids that are in fish oil are essentially full of nutrients as well as all kinds of proteins that are essential for hair growth. All of this ultimately helps to keep the hair as healthy as possible. Along with this, these nutrients can also help to keep the roots of the hair as strong and healthy as possible. This ends up helping to ensure that no hair falls out as a result of weak roots. For this reason, omega 3 fatty acids (fish oil) can be effective at not only achieving optimal hair growth, but also at achieving and/or curbing hair loss.

Things To Look For In Your Fish Oil Supplements:

Now that we have gone over some of the ways in which fish oil will help you achieve better hair growth, we will be going over some of the key things that you are going to want to look for in your ideal fish oil supplements in order to ensure that you get some that are going to be effective at helping you achieve optimal hair growth.

Things To Look For:

1. Bio Availability.

It is critical to find fish oil that is going to be able to be absorbed easily by your body. The more natural the structure of the supplement, the better.

2. Nutrients.

You want to make sure that the fish oil that you purchase also contains all kinds of naturally occurring vitamins that are fat soluble that might be difficult to get from your daily diet.

3. Amount of DHA and EPA.

Another important factor to consider is how much DHA and EPA are in the supplement. You want to be sure that you are getting a sufficient amount. That way, the supplement can help you achieve optimal hair growth. Because it is very likely that you are deficient in omega 3 fatty acids, you are going to want to get more than recommended.

4. Purity.

It is also important to consider the purity of the oil itself. Because fish can absorb mercury, you want to be sure that you are getting fish oil that is derived from fish that are less prone to absorbing high amounts of mercury. You can also check to see that the oil meets the standards for heavy metals and other kinds of contaminants.

The Benefits Of Fish Oil Pills For Skin

You may have heard about the benefits of fish oil for your health. While it can play a critical role in determining your heart and brain health, it can also play a critical role in your skin health. In this article, we will be going over fish oil and we will be discussing some of the primary benefits that you are going to get for taking it to better your skin health.

The Benefits Of Fish Oil Pills For Skin

Why Is Fish Oil Good For Your Skin?

Taking any kind of fish oil is essentially going to work like you are putting good oil in your engine in order to keep everything running optimally. Fish oil is one of the best things that you can effectively utilize in order to reduce the amount of inflammation in your body. This includes your skin. If you are someone that suffers from an inflammatory skin condition, you are going to end up seeing the benefits of taking fish oil because you are going to have a lot less inflammation occurring within your body and showing up on your skin.

So What Is Fish Oil Exactly?

Fish oil is pretty much oil that has been extracted from the body’s of fish. Because it comes directly from the fattiest fish, you are going to get all of the benefits that come with consuming fatty fish without having to eat fish. It is a powerful source of omega 3 fatty acids which have incredible healing and anti inflammatory properties.

What Is The Big Deal About Inflammation Anyways?

The problem that a lot of people have with inflammation is the fact that they have so much of it present in their bodies, it spirals out of control. The fact is, a majority of people simply consume too many inflammatory foods. These are foods that contain a large amount of omega 6. While omega 6 foods aren’t necessarily going to be harmful for you when consumed in moderation, a majority of people consume way too much of it. Thus, the ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 in their diet ends up to be way to low and they end up suffering in terms of health as a result. The ideal ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 is 2 to 1. That is, for every portion of omega 6 you get into your body, you want to be sure that you are getting a minimum of 1 portion of omega 3. That way, you are able to thoroughly keep inflammation at bay.

Inflammatory foods like omega 6 can end up driving your immune system crazy and cause various things such as swelling, arthritis, and even acne. When your immune system is constantly being over worked, it is going to end up causing severe inflammation in your body which typically results in some kind of inflammatory skin condition like acne. That is why it is commonly known that skin conditions like acne can be a direct look into your overall health. If your are consuming an anti inflammatory diet rich in omega 3’s, it is very likely that you are not going to experience various skin conditions or at least they are not going to be as prevalent.

How Exactly Do Omega 3 Supplements Affect Inflammation?

Omega 3 fatty acids have a very powerful ability to quickly reduce the inflammation present in the body. The key that you are going to want to remember is to keep your ratio at a good 2 to 1. By doing this, you are going to keep your immune system stable and it is going to ultimately allow you to have great skin.

How To Reduce Your Omega 6 Intake?

In order to reduce the amount of omega 6 that you are going to get in your diet on a daily basis, you are going to want to try to limit or even completely avoid eating foods such as sunflower oil, cottonseed oil, corn oil, grapeseed oil, canola oil, walnut oil and more. The fact is, all of these oils are going to end up boosting your intake of omega 6 fatty acids and they are going to end up causing more inflammation as a result. Also, you want to avoid and/or limit your intake of a lot of nuts as they generally contain a lot of omega 6 in them with the exception of almonds. However, too much of anything is always a bad thing.

True Benefits to The Skin:

1. Reduce Redness.

By taking fish oil, you are going to be able to effectively reduce the amount of redness that is experienced and shown in the skin.

2. Moisturize Your Skin.

Taking a good amount of fish oil is also going to end up effectively moisturizing your skin to the point where it is going to look completely hydrated.

3. Reduce Stress.

Because fish oil is known to reduce the amount of anxiety you face, you are going to be able to reduce the amount of stress and avoid breaking out because of hormone imbalance.

4. Balance Hormone Production.

Fish oil is also going to help you balance out your hormone production which can effectively limit your breakouts.

Why Fish Oil Is So Popular

Fish oil has become increasingly popular, and there are many reasons that it has. The benefits that come with consuming it are numerous and well worth the financial expense. There are some questions as to all that it can do, but there are a number of proven benefits that are well known. Read on to learn about the reasons that you should consider adding this supplement to your daily routine to not only improve you health, but your appearance as well.

Why Fish Oil Is So Popular

When it comes to health benefits, fish oil has more than just about any other supplement. It is known to promote the health of the brain as well as of the heart and cardiovascular system on a whole. It is believed to increase cognitive function by essentially providing the brain with what some call brain food. It is not exactly clear how this occurs, but those that take it daily report feeling more alert and able to perform cognitive tasks than they were before they began taking it.

When it comes to the heart it is known that the Omega 3 component of the fish oil is able to increase the levels of good cholesterol, which helps to balance and even decrease the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood stream. Due to lowering the bad cholesterol levels and increasing the health of the heart and cardiovascular system, many report that their blood pressure improves as well. In fact, many find that it works better than many medications which come with harmful side effects, especially when used early in the onset of the symptoms.

In addition to the benefits listed above, it is believed to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. The reasons for this are not exactly clear, but it is likely due to the reduction in bad cholesterol levels as well as the increase of the good, which help to maintain the proper balance that the heart and cardiovascular system need.

Fish oil is also believed to help with conditions that affect the eyes. A few of these conditions include dry eye, glaucoma and macular degeneration. It is not completely understood why it helps, but those that use it swear by the affects they have experienced.

Some women find that it helps to treat conditions that are related with hormonal imbalances. Some of these include painful periods, pregnancy related high blood pressure and to prevent miscarriage. Again, there isn’t proof that this is effective, but those they have used it believe it has made a difference in their life.

Other conditions that people have used it for include asthma, diabetes, organ damage of various sorts, obesity, bone frailty and many other physical complaints and diseases. In all told, the benefits of adding fish oil are so numerous that many question why everyone isn’t putting it to use in the general approach to well being.

In addition to all of the major health benefits that it can provide, it is also known to have affects on one’s appearance. The omega 3s in fish oil are believed to increase the healthy appearance and growth of both hair and nails. This is especially appreciated by women who experience a decline in their hair and nail growth and appearance as they age. Those that take the supplement report seeing a significant increase in the strength of their hair and nails as well. If you find you are noticing a difference in these areas it is certainly worth trying fish oil to reverse the decline. Even if it doesn’t help in that area, the health benefits ensure that there is no harm in giving it a try.

Finally, fish oil has been shown to increase the health of skin, which is the largest organ in the human body. It will reduce the appearance of dry skin and can even treat a number of skin conditions. Your skin will look younger within just a few weeks of taking the supplement on a daily basis. The added benefit is that fish oil is a natural way to get a youthful appearance back and is far less expensive than some other skin treatment methods that can actually create a dependency of the skin. If you have been feeling that your skin is looking older than it should you should give fish oil a try. There certainly is no harm in doing so.

Now that you have read the above information you know that the benefits of adding fish oil to your daily routine is definitely something that you should give a try. In just a few weeks you will notice major health benefits as well as a difference in how your hair, skin and nails look. There really is nothing to lose in giving it a try, and really, you could extend your life a great deal. Now get out there and find the supplement that is right for you.

What Are The Best Fish Oil Pills?

Fish oil contains two different types of omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are known as DHA and EPA. Both of these are essential for our everyday function. DHA keeps our brain functioning properly and EPA can greatly benefit the skin by essentially regulating the amount of oil that is produced and by boosting overall hydration in it. This can end up preventing numerous amount of skin conditions such as acne. It can also effective reduce the amount of ultra violet induced enzymes that cause lines in our skin which can effective reduce the amount of and the chances you get more wrinkles. As if that wasn’t enough, fish oil is also one of the best known supplements on the market that are going to effectively decrease your risk of getting various life threatening conditions such as heart disease, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer.The Best Fish Oil Pills

Now that we have gone over some of the really good things that come from taking fish oil, we will be going over some of the best ways to get essential omega 3 fatty acids into your diet.

Best Sources:

1. Fatty Fish.

The fact is, no other source is going to be as beneficial than getting more fatty fish into your diet. In fact, the American Heart Association actually recommends to get a minimum of 2 meals of fatty fish into your diet on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, a lot of people simply do not do this. Therefore, this leaves them having to get their omega 3 fatty acid content from other sources.

2. Flaxseeds.

If you simply do not like fish and you cannot stomach the consumption of it, you are going to want to find other sources to consume on a daily basis in order to get a sufficient amount of it. Flaxseed and flaxseed oil is one of the best ways to get more of it into your diet. The good thing about flaxseed and flaxseed oil is that you can generally put it in along with your favorite fruits to make a smoothie or you can put it into your favorite salad to add some crunch.

3. Chia Seeds.

Another great source of omega 3 fatty acids can come from chia seeds. These are great sources of omega 3 fatty acids because they can actually contain almost as much as omega 3 as you can obtain from eating a healthy and fatty fish.

As you can see, if you do not like to consume fatty fish, you do have some viable options that you can consider in order to increase your overall intake of omega 3 fatty acids. Now that we have gone over some of the food sources that you can consume to get more omega 3 into your diet, we will be going over one of the best options you have available to you that doesn’t require you to eat any fish or anything else that you might not enjoy.

Benefits Of Fish Oil Supplements:

With fish oil supplements, you are not going to need to consume fish. With that being said, you are also going to position your body in a way that you will end up getting all of the benefits of doing so. This is going to allow you to really experience all of the benefits of eating fish without actually having to do it.

1. Healthy Bone Support.

As you grow older, your bones are very likely to thin out (this is especially true for women). Because of this, you might develop early onset of osteoporosis. Studies have shown that having higher levels of essential fatty acids effectively supports healthy bones and it can even delay or completely eliminate this potential problem all together.

2. Better Mood.

Research has shown that getting a good amount of fish oil in your diet on a regular basis has a significant impact on your overall mood levels. Because a majority of people do not get enough omega 3 into their diets, there isn’t enough nutrition to support a healthy system. Because of this, a lot of people might experience bad moods more often and other problems such as depression and anxiety.

3. Healthy Heart.

Supplementing with fish oil has proven to have significant benefits to the heart due to it’s unique ability to lower inflammation levels within the body and around the heart.

What Is The Best Fish Oil?

While there are a lot of different supplements on the market, there are some things you want to look for in order to find the best fish oil.

1. Purity.

The oil should meet International standards for heavy metals. A lot of the oils on the market don’t even though they state that they do.

2. Potency.

In order to get the best benefits from your fish oil, you want to make sure that it contains a good amount of DHA and EPA.

3. Freshness.

Another important factor to consider is the freshness of the oil in question. Because omega 3 fatty acids are highly susceptible to oxidation, you want to be sure that they are fresh.

4. Bio-Availability.

Another important factor that you are going to need to consider is the bio-availability of the supplement. The more natural the structure, the better it will be able to be absorbed.

5. Cost.

The cost is likely going to matter to you. Therefore, find one with a good value proposition and one that fits within your budget. Keep in mind, the price doesn’t always correlate with the quality.

Expired Fish Oil Pills

Is It Bad To Consume Expired Fish Oil Pills?

Fish oil supplements contain omega-3 fatty acids that are heart-healthy and help fight inflammation. If you find it difficult to include fish into your meals or require an extra energy boost, you can add a fish oil supplement to your diet plan. What happens when the fish oil supplement expires? Are they still safe and effective to consume? In fact, the answer to this question may depend on a number of other important factors. This article provides an overview of the effects of expired fish oil pills.

Even under normal conditions, fish oil can cause a number of stomach-related issues such as heartburn, belching, loose motions, and nausea. When the supplement expires, it is possible that they become rancid. Changes in temperature and light exposure over a certain period of time can cause the fish oil supplement to go bad. If the fish oil supplement has expired, slightly discolored or smells bad, you should not take such a supplement. It can worsen your stomach issues and make you extremely sick if you do so.

On the other hand, an expired fish oil supplement may not be as effective as the original supplement itself. Doctors recommend fish oil for certain conditions such as to treat high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and heart attacks. For this, the fish oil supplement should be highly effective. But when the supplement approaches its expiry date, the effectiveness, and quality of the oil begins to decline. Hence, you may not get the intended benefits when you take expired fish oil pills. This is another reason why you need to think twice before taking expired fish oil supplements.

Even fish oil supplements that are not expired should be stored in the right conditions to preserve its effectiveness in the long run. Improper storage can lessen the effectiveness of the supplement over time. Regular exposure to air, temperature, and light can reduce the effectiveness of the pill. This is why you need to store the supplement as per the directions on the label of the fish oil supplement. Proper storage is very effective to preserve the quality and effectiveness of the supplement.

Most fish oil supplement producers put a conservative expiration date on the products. This is because they take shipping, storage issues, and time on the shelf into consideration when determining this date. Hence, most of the time, the fish oil supplement can be still somewhat effective even after it has expired. But they can be less potent and should be taken at your own risk.