Comparing coconut oil to butter, Coconut Oil comes in at around 90% saturated fat.  Butter has been rated about 64% saturated fat, and been around 40%.  You would think based on these numbers that Coconut Oil would be bad for your health.  While saturated fat raises your LDL levels, coconut oil gives your good HDL cholesterol levels a boost.  To fully understand we have to take a look at “lauric acid”.  Lauric Acid makes up about ½ of the saturated fat within Coconut Oil, a much higher portion than other oils.

Some call lauric acid the “secret” or “miracle” ingredient within coconut oil.  When your body consumes it, the acid is converted into monolaurin, an anti-viral, anti-protozoa, and anti-bacterial property.  Monolaurin is a type of monoglyceride that has been known to help destroy lipid coated viruses like Influenza, Measles, HIV, herpes and other pathogenic basterias.  For these coconut oil health benefits alone you should consider consuming coconut oil daily.

If you are here researching about coconut oil, you are not alone. Take a look at the Google Trends chart on Coconut Oil.

Here are some additional health facts