How Daily Intake Of Fish Oil Can Help With Weight Loss And Many Forms Of Inflammation


There are plenty of people that already know that eating fish is highly beneficial, however, we are constantly warned by our governments and scientists to not consume too much for fear of mercury and PCB contamination. This is a very sad state of affairs, and if you look at the recommended amounts, you’ll find that you really can’t eat enough fish to get the therapeutical amounts of oil you really need to stay healthy. The fact is, we are finding out that in nearly every part of our bodies, fish oil has some kind of benefit, and we really need to be consuming it daily, not monthly.

How Daily Intake Of Fish Oil Can Help With Weight Loss And Many Forms Of Inflammation

Humans Have A Long History Of Eating Fish

Probably since the beginning of time, humans have had a love affair with fish. Nearly every body of water, salt or fresh, is full of fish. Some rivers have fish runs where the fish are so plentiful you can almost walk across the water on their backs. So of course, early man would take advantage of these plentiful supplies of great tasting food.

Many early American Indian villages were built right along the rivers where the fish would pass several times per year to climb the falls and mate. Then the Indians would smoke and dry the fish in order to keep the meat edible for weeks to come.

Early Europeans built boats and sailed the seas using nets, spears and hooks to catch as many fish as their boats would hold. Unfortunately, by the start of the industrial age, we had polluted much of the rivers, lakes and streams near our largest populations. The worst contaminates tended to be heavy metals like mercury and chemicals like PCBs.

Fish tend to absorb these pollutants and become toxic for humans to eat in the amounts that our bodies demand to remain healthy. If you carefully read all of the fish limitations published you’ll have a hard time eating the proper kinds of oily fish that you need without being poisoned.

Now Fish Oil Supplements Are Made From Factional Distilled Oils

This advanced process eliminates all of the heavy metals, and PCB chemicals that are a danger to us, and we can consume the beneficial oil as often as we’d like without any risks. The only side effects would be the same as consuming lots of fish, and that would be fish breath. This can be mitigated with the supplements by taking them before meals.

This is good news for most people, the recommended daily intake to relieve arthritis pain and increase joint lubrication is about 1,600 mg. for adult men. This would be a dangerous amount of mercury if consumed in fish on a daily basis. Supplements are tested by the FDA on a regular basis to make sure they are adhering to the regulations.

The Oils In Fish Can Be A Weight Loss Tool As Well

New research has found that taking the fatty acids contained in fish oil, DHA and EPA, daily can help our bodies lose weight. The research being done suggests that the oil somehow encourages the cells to increase their intake of insulin, which is the hormone that helps our cells burn sugar.

Many people with type II diabetes have extra insulin in their blood steam, but somehow it has a difficult time doing its job of helping cells intake sugar. By facilitating this one process it’s thought that the fish oil speeds up the metabolism and also helps reduce the incidence of diabetes at the same time.

DHA And EPA Are Also Thought To Decrease Strokes And Heart Attacks

Heart attacks are primarily caused by the buildup of arterial plaques which in turn cause inflammation on the arterial walls. This is a dangerous situation that can result in a heart attack or stroke at any minute. Not only does DHA and EPA help to reduce the plaques that have built up, but they also have an anti-inflammatory effect on the entire body, not just the arteries.

By cutting back on the inflammation you can reduce your risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease too. Much of the problem with diseases of the brain involve the same inflammation that causes heart attacks and strokes. It’s clear that the overall benefit of consuming fish oil seem to involve inflammation in many different parts of the body.

Pregnant Women Are Highly Recommended To Consume EPA and DHA

For about 40 years pediatricians have stressed to pregnant women that eating fish was linked to higher intelligence in newborn babies. But since eating contaminated fish was so bad for the baby’s health they had to change the recommendation to supplements instead. Be sure and contact your doctor for the exact dose that is needed if you’re pregnant.

It’s pretty clear that humans evolved on a diet that was high in fish. We most likely lived near water that was loaded with fish for thousands of years and our bodies developed and adjusted to the fish oil that they contained. Now, due to the pollutants in the water, the only safe way to get the necessary amount of DHA and EPA is through daily supplementation.

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