38 Types of Healthy Oils

At this point, we’ve all heard about the value of beneficial, healthy oils. We have literally been using oils for thousands of years to successfully treat diseases, and we’ve even managed to incorporate essential oils into some of our most sacred religious ceremonies.

As you are about to learn, there are five types of beneficial oils that we will discuss today. Before we go into greater detail about each of these types, let’s take a look at a list so that you understand what we are about to discuss.

The list of beneficial oils that we will discuss today includes the following:

  • cooking oils
  • oils for your hair
  • oils for your face
  • oils for your skin
  • oils to improve your health

As we will discuss shortly, there are many beneficial oils in each of these categories. We want you to learn about them, know how they can help you, and hopefully if you’re smart, you’ll begin incorporating them into your day-to-day life.

Are you ready to learn the truth about the five types of healthy oils? If so, you are definitely in for a treat today. We will discuss each category and the various types of oils in greater detail beginning right now.

5 Healthiest Cooking Oils on the Planet Today

When it comes to discovering the healthiest cooking oil, it’s important to know that there is actually more than one. Today, we will take a look at five of the best cooking oils for regular cooking and baking.

Before we dive into the details, please note that each one of the oils that we are about to discuss are all staples in our kitchen. They are the oils that we use on a regular basis because we too want to stay healthy and strong.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at our list of five of the healthiest and best cooking oils right now:

Canola Oil

The world has finally fallen in love with canola oil. This healthy oil derived from the rapeseed plant is packed with vitamins and nutrients. It also comes from the same family as broccoli and cabbage.

Canola oil was part of a crossbreed because doing so made it easier to lower the amount of possible toxic levels of erucic acid. Obviously, removing potentially toxic substances is always going to be a good thing, right?

Why is canola oil such as stellar cooking oil?

To put it bluntly, as cooking oil, canola oil wears the crown because of a few of its more popular attributes.

First of all, canola oil has a high heat tolerance. This high heat tolerance makes it excellent to cook with because it will not burn away or ruin your favorite recipes.

Second, canola oil is light in texture. This light oil will not change the composition of your recipes too much, so it’s definitely a great ingredient to have to cook with. Plus, adding heavy oils to certain foods often makes them inedible. And that’s something you would obviously rather avoid while cooking your favorite meal.

Third, canola oil is great to cook with because its flavor is neutral. Certain oils have a powerful flavor that often ends up overpowering the dish being cooked. That is never going to happen when you cook using canola oil.

Why else is canola oil so popular to cook with?

Well, it contains the perfect balance of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids. This balance is crucial to your overall health, because too many omega 6 fatty acids are not good for the body. But when it’s balanced out with omega-3s – like in canola oil – it becomes a much healthier combination to ingest.

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is another popular choice as far as cooking oils are concerned. This up-and-coming oil is finally starting to take the world by storm.

Avocado oil is the perfect culinary cooking oil since it is literally extracted from the flesh of ripe avocados. It even has the ability to cook at 520°F, which is the highest of any individual plant oil.

Since avocado oil is quite versatile, you can literally use it for any and all of your cooking needs, and can do so safely. And in a non-cooking capacity, avocado oil is also a great choice since it has a buttery flavor and goes excellent with sauces and salad dressings. Some people even like to drizzle it over their favorite puréed soups.

Why is avocado oil considered such a healthy option?

Mainly, this oil is good for you because it contains healthy amounts of monounsaturated fat. We need monounsaturated fat for a number of different reasons. But most important of all, monounsaturated fat helps keep our cholesterol levels low, and as we all know, this will help prevent serious fatal diseases like heart attacks and strokes.

Additionally, avocado oil contains lutein which happens to be an antioxidant that can help improve the health of your eyesight. And it helps improve the absorption of lycopene and beta-carotene, which are powerful fat-soluble antioxidants and essential to our health and well-being.

Rice Bran Oil

Next up on our list: rice bran oil.

Rice bran oil is the least common healthy cooking oil on the list today. But it’s definitely worth looking for this oil if you like it cooking meat in a frying pan or wok.

Why is that?

This oil, common to Japanese kitchens, is great because it’s extracted from rice. This is beneficial because it has a delicate taste and the flavor is not overpowering so it won’t change the way that your meal would normally taste.

Another good point about rice bran oil is that it has a high smoke point. You can cook this oil to nearly 500°F without burning it or having smoke fill your kitchen.

You’ll love rice bran oil because it’s perfect for high heat cooking. You can use it for grilling, broiling, and stir frying with the greatest of ease. And since it can handle the heat, it’s very popular in Asian dishes since many of these ethnic meals are cooked at high temperatures.

Why is rice bran oil considered one of the healthy cooking oils?

Simply put, this oil is healthy because it is made from unsaturated fats. As we know, saturated fats are terrible for our cholesterol levels. Unsaturated fats, on the other hand, are heart healthy and good for us.

Another interesting point about rice bran oil is that it contains an antioxidant compound named gamma oryzanol. This antioxidant compound is known to help lower cholesterol levels. So this is one more reason why it’s heart healthy cooking oil that everyone should begin incorporating into their meal preparation routine.

Why else is rice bran oil so healthy?

Well, it contains ample amounts of vitamin E, which we all know is a cell protecting antioxidant. It protects our cells from damage caused by free radicals. This is obviously important and something that we need to help improve our overall health.

Last but not least, rice bran oil has a long shelf life. This is good since oil is expensive and you won’t have to worry about it going rancid anytime soon.

Refined Coconut Oil

Many people like to use virgin coconut oil since it is unrefined, but it also makes everything taste like a piña colada!

Refined coconut oil, on the other hand, does not make everything taste like you’re sitting down to a meal at a tropical vacation resort!

So, one of the biggest benefits of using refined coconut oil is that it does not taste or smell too much like coconuts. It also has a higher smoke point than the virgin variety. You can cook it up to 400°F, so it’s a good option if you’re frying and sautéing your food.

But what are the health benefits of refined coconut oil?

This is a great question.

For starters, refined coconut oil contains healthy amounts of naturally occurring antioxidants. But more to the point, it has high levels of medium chain triglycerides.

Why is this important?

Medium chain triglycerides, otherwise known as MCTs, are fantastic because our livers will burn them instead of storing them in our body as additional body fat. This will obviously help us keep our weight down and in balance instead of gaining weight by eating too much calorie dense oil, whether it’s healthy or not.

Light Olive Oil

Last but not least, when it comes to the healthiest cooking oil, we really think that light olive oil takes the cake.

Why is light olive oil more beneficial than the regular variety?

Well, we prefer the light version because it contains fewer calories than traditional olive oil. And not only that, it’s also a lighter tasting oil so it’s not as thick as far as texture, color, or taste is concerned.

The next beneficial reason to choose light olive oil is because of its smoke point. Its smoke point is higher than regular or even extra-virgin olive oil, which means that it can get cooked at higher temperatures without breaking down into carcinogenic substances that are bad for your health. When it comes to high heat cooking, light olive oil is certainly the best choice.

Any other reasons why light olive oil is one of the best cooking oils?

For starters, it is packed with many wonderful antioxidants. It also contains high levels of monounsaturated fat. And as we all know, monounsaturated fats help keep metabolism levels in check, prevent fat oxidation, and ultimately help us lose weight.

Clearly, healthy cooking oils are the way to go. If you are trying to improve your health, we recommend using these five cooking oils on a regular basis and stop using things like corn oil and other hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils known for causing high cholesterol and other negative health consequences.

10 Best Natural Oils to Use in Your Hair

Healthy oils are an essential part of every hair care regimen. And the natural hair oils that we plan to discuss today are perfect for all of your hair care needs.

Maybe you’ve experimented with hair oils in the past and weren’t very satisfied with your results. After you learn the information that we are going to share with you today, you’ll never feel the same about healthy oils and hair care again.

Are you ready to learn about essential oils for hair care? Let’s take a look at our 10 favorite right now.

Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil is an absolute hair care favorite. Not only is it super popular right now, but it’s also odorless, not too greasy, and very effective.

Many people prefer using this oil because it acts as a natural sunscreen for your hair. It’s also very effective as carrier oil if you decide to make your own hair care concoctions, and it’s definitely an excellent option to choose.

Why is grapeseed oil so effective for hair care?

For starters, this oil is excellent because it helps restore natural balance to your scalp. And it also acts as an anti-dandruff treatment, so, if you have dandruff problems that don’t seem to go away, grapeseed oil is an excellent way to rid yourself of this annoying condition once and for all.

Next, grapeseed oil is an excellent treatment for strengthening and repairing your hair. It’s loaded with linoleic acid and vitamin E, which are two powerful substances that help keep hair looking healthy and beautiful all day long.

Amla Oil

This oil is definitely a favorite of many who like to use healthy oils to help improve the balance and shine of their hair. This oil is naturally fabulous and should become part of every hair care regimen.

Another name for Amla oil is Indian gooseberry oil. And it has many wonderful properties that make it perfect for hair care of all types.

Why is Indian gooseberry oil so effective for haircare?

First off, it acts as natural conditioner, which is great because you can avoid putting synthetic chemicals in your hair from now on.

Next, it’s excellent because it’s considered a natural hair growth treatment. If you’re having trouble growing your hair, use Amla oil and watch your hair grow in no time at all!

Finally, this natural oil makes a wonderful dandruff remedy. If you apply Amal oil to your hair, dandruff will become a distant memory.

Jojoba Oil

One plant that is known to help people’s hair in miraculous ways is known as jojoba oil.

According to the experts, this oil is nearly identical to the natural oils that our hair produces. So, if your hair is lacking its luster and it appears to look brittle and dead, you can help revive it and bring it back to life by simply using jojoba oil on a daily basis.

Are there any other reasons why jojoba oil is so beneficial for healthy hair?

Certainly, one other big reason is that it is jam packed with nutrients that lead to healthy, lustrous hair. These nutrients are perfect because they cannot only hydrate your hair – which they do – but they are also excellent conditioners as well.

Another reason why jojoba oil is so beneficial to healthy hair is that it can fight against dandruff. Dandruff is unattractive to say the least, and using this natural oil to its fullest advantage will help fight back against this unwanted condition.

It’s easy to get your hands on jojoba oil. Not only can you buy the oil directly itself, but you could also purchase hair care products that contain this excellent ingredient.

Canola Oil

We all know canola oil is excellent when used as cooking oil. But what many of us fail to realize is that this oil is also great for restoring health to your hair.

As we mentioned earlier, canola oil contains a high concentration of unsaturated fat. Believe it or not, the unsaturated fat in this oil has the unique ability to fight against frizzy hair. Not only that, it can also strengthen hair strands. This will prevent your hair from splitting and breaking.

Plus, canola oil is very inexpensive, so using it is an excellent way to treat your hair kindly without having to spend too much money to do so. The low-cost makes it very easy for you to add it to your daily hair care routine without having to break the bank.

Argan Oil

This is the most popular oil that you probably have never heard of. Did you know that Argan oil is known as Liquid Gold? Or did you know that another name for this powerful oil is Miracle Oil?

As you are probably figuring out, this oil contains many fantastic properties that are not only beneficial to your hair, but also beneficial to human health in general.

Before we get into the hair care specifics, please note that this oil works excellently as sunscreen. It also acts as an intensive repair treatment and a heat protectant all rolled into one.

As far as hair care is concerned, Argan oil has the unique ability to improve hair that is dry and brittle and bring it back to life. It can also reduce fizziness in your hair and make it appear manageable and much softer. Next, it has the ability to further reduce breakage so that your hair doesn’t split or break. It can repair tresses that are damaged, and it also even has the ability to help regrow your hair.

As you can see, Argan oil really does seem to be a miracle! We recommend adding it to your daily hair care regimen immediately. You’ll notice improvements right away.

Castor Oil

For the most part, people know that castor oil provides many benefits for our health. But most people have no idea that this oil is also good to help restore healthier hair.

Castor oil has the ability to benefit hair in a number of different ways. So it’s definitely worthwhile to keep some available to use right in your medicine cabinet. Some of the main benefits of castor oil in regards to hair health include:

  • scalp stimulation
  • encourages hair growth of new and healthy hair
  • protects against split ends
  • protects against further breakage
  • seals the ends of hair

Lastly, it’s very easy to find castor oil online or in your local supermarket or pharmacy. Plus, it’s very inexpensive so you do not have to worry about spending a fortune to obtain this beneficial oil.

Pomegranate Seed Oil

Pomegranate seed oil contains punicic acid, which is an antioxidant that is rich in essential fatty acids.

Why is this beneficial to the preservation of natural, healthy hair?

It’s beneficial for a number of different reasons. Our favorite hair care reasons include:

  • creates a lustrous shine
  • creates a texture that is silky and smooth
  • protects hair from drying out
  • protects against damaged tresses
  • repairs damaged hair

If your hair is in need of real repair, begin using pomegranate seed oil right away and you’ll notice serious improvements very quickly.

Shea Butter

In all seriousness, shea butter may not officially qualify as natural oil for hair. But it is so beneficial to the health of hair that we decided to add it to the list anyway. Please use shea butter on your hair if you are struggling with hair care problems.

The benefits of shea butter for your hair include:

  • protects hair against heat
  • acts as a hair sealant
  • can soothe scalp irritation
  • acts as a shield against UV rays
  • acts as a hair softener

Clearly, shea butter definitely provides many wonderful benefits to hair care. Try it today and see how it can help improve the health of your hair.

Almond Oil

Almond oil is a unique addition to this list because it can provide a couple of wonderful benefits to help improve hair health.

Some of the many reasons why you might consider almond oil for hair care health include:

  • it smells great and it makes your hair smell wonderful
  • helps your hair remain healthy and luscious
  • it is loaded with healthy fats that help to fight back against brittleness and dry hair

Are you ready to give almond oil a try? We highly recommend using healthy oils and essential oils for hair care, and this oil definitely fits the bill.

Tea Tree Oil

Last on our list but certainly not least is tea tree oil. This powerful oil is a hair care dynamo for the following reasons:

  • can soothe an itchy scalp
  • it’s an all-natural hair product
  • has antifungal and antibacterial properties
  • provides an incredible cleansing effect
  • does not dry out your hair
  • it’s used by many successful hair care professionals

At this point, we have provided 10 wonderful healthy oils to help improve your overall hair care. As soon as you start using these oils, you’ll notice improvements that you have never dreamed possible. And you’ll definitely be happy with your overall results.

Now it’s time to move on to the natural oils that will help create flawless skin.

13 Best Natural Oils to Use on Your Skin

Needless to say, many of the healthy oils including essential oils and cooking oils are also going to be quite beneficial for creating healthy skin. Instead of repeating exactly what we’ve said earlier, we will do our best to share the main benefits that the individual oil possesses as far as skin care is concerned.

Sound good?

In the third section discussing beneficial oils, we will take a much closer look at healthy oils that are known to be beneficial for beautiful skin. These antiaging oils have many wonderful properties that can make skin look younger, more beautiful, and ultimately flawless, no matter how old you happen to be.

Every one of the oils that we are about to mention provide wonderful benefits for healthy skin. As a matter of fact, we’ll briefly share information and benefits about 13 amazing oils that can help improve your skin care regimen and take it to the next level.

Are you ready to learn about the best oils for skin care? Let’s find out what they are and what they can do for you right now.

Coconut Oil

As you can imagine, coconut oil provides a wide variety of benefits for a number of different physical conditions. Not only is coconut oil excellent as cooking oil as long as it is refined, this oil is also perfect for hair care, skin care, and it can provide other health benefits.

Coconut oil’s biggest skin care benefits include:

  • helps to eliminate the signs of aging
  • can help to strengthen the epidermis against stretch marks and cellulite
  • it is used to eliminate the signs of keratosis pilaris
  • acts as a natural sunscreen
  • protects the skin against damage from the sun
  • does not contain harmful chemicals
  • can treat or prevent skin infections

Coconut oil is certainly considered one of today’s healthy oils. As far as essential oils and cooking oils go, this powerful option is excellent for all of your skin care needs.

Geranium Oil

Geranium oil is certainly one of our favorite options for skin care. This oil provides a wide variety of benefits to help preserve and protect the health of your skin.

The main geranium oil skin benefits include the following:

  • this oil is anti-inflammatory
  • can help to even skin tone
  • has the ability to lighten age spots
  • improves skin circulation
  • helps to initiate cell regeneration
  • can fade visible skin imperfections including scars, wrinkles, and stretch marks

Do not hesitate to try geranium oil immediately.

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil has the ability to help heal the skin in a wide variety of different ways. Some of the main ways that this healthy oil can help improve skin health include:

  • has the ability to help tighten the skin
  • can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • naturally preserves other oils when blended together

As far as essential oils go, rosemary oil is one of the best for skin care. Try it for yourself and see if you like it.

Apricot Kernel Oil

Apricot kernel oil is considered wonderful for skin care health because it is known as one of the best carrier oils to create wonderful healing blends. This oil is special for skin health because it offers numerous benefits for the user.

The biggest benefits for skin health that apricot kernel oil can provide include:

  • hydrates the skin
  • nourishes the skin
  • contains ample amounts of vitamins A and E, which encourage skin growth and regeneration
  • helps to boost collagen production
  • helps to reduce wrinkles
  • helps to reduce fine lines
  • it’s rich in omega 6 fatty acid

Apricot kernel oil is worthy of your time and attention. We recommend checking it out at your earliest convenience to see if you should add it to your skin care regimen on a daily basis.

Rosehip Seed Oil

Rosehip seed oil is potent carrier oil that combines perfectly with many other excellent essential oils. This oil is incredible for skin care and it offers a wide range of benefits.

The biggest skin health benefits provided by rosehip seed oil include:

  • helps to reduce wrinkle depth
  • helps to fade fine lines
  • can lighten the appearance of age spots
  • promotes healing of damaged skin
  • boosts new cell growth rate
  • increases the production of collagen underneath the skin
  • contains many essential fatty acids that help to improve the following: skin texture, skin appearance, and skin elasticity
  • it is a lightweight botanical oil

Rosehip seed oil is excellent for skin health. Add it to your daily skin care regimen immediately to achieve maximum results.

Lemon Oil

Lemon oil is also quite beneficial for the skin. While not as powerful as many of the other oils mentioned today, it also provides some fantastic skin care benefits. They include the following:

  • lightens dark spots
  • reduces the appearance of fine lines
  • reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  • prevents the appearance of fine lines
  • prevents the appearance of wrinkles

Clearly, it’s certainly worth it to give lemon oil a try. This inexpensive oil should be part of everyone’s skin care ritual.

Sweet Almond Oil

Next, we’ll look at the beneficial properties of sweet almond oil and how they fit into daily skin care.

You see, sweet almond oil is one of the healthy oils for skin rejuvenation. It also contains ample amounts of vitamins E and K.

The biggest benefits of sweet almond oil for skin health include:

  • improves skin elasticity
  • maintains skin elasticity
  • promotes better circulation underneath the skin
  • acts as an ultraviolet ray blocker
  • it is odorless

Use sweet almond oil as part of your daily skin routine today.

Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil

Sea Buckthorn Berry oil is one of those essential oils that happens to be rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. It provides a wide range of benefits for your skin health needs. Those benefits include the following:

  • helps to reverse the signs of aging
  • helps to moisturize the skin
  • can help to treat acne
  • reduces the signs of hyperpigmentation
  • reduces the appearance of eczema
  • can reduce the appearance of other unwanted skin blemishes

Sea Buckthorn Berry oil has an excellent reputation for proper skin care. If you are looking to improve your daily skin routine, you should seriously consider adding this to your regiment since it is one of the healthy essential oils.

Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood oil contains many fantastic beneficial properties to help improve the health of your skin. The beneficial changes that you’ll experience once you begin using this essential oil include:

  • soothes damaged skin
  • soothes irritated skin
  • helps to fade scars over time
  • helps to eliminate the appearance of wrinkles
  • helps to fade the appearance of fine lines
  • helps to create a smooth surface on your skin

Try Sandalwood oil as part of your daily skin care regimen today.

Myrrh Oil

This powerful oil provides many wonderful healing opportunities. Its biggest benefits include:

  • boosts the strength of your skin
  • creates a healthy looking complexion
  • promotes smoother looking, younger skin

Frankincense Oil

Frankincense oil contains many wonderful properties to help improve the appearance of your skin. This healthy oil’s biggest benefits include:

  • helps with skin cell regeneration
  • helps to eradicate the appearance of scars
  • eliminates fine lines
  • smooths out the appearance of wrinkles
  • helps even out skin tone
  • makes sagging skin tighter
  • balances skin’s pH levels
  • and many other wonderful benefits

Neroli Oil

Neroli oil is wonderful for skin care for the following reasons:

  • acts as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial
  • helps to soothes damaged skin
  • helps to promote scar healing
  • helps to improve blood circulation
  • helps to eliminate the signs of wrinkles and fine lines
  • helps to fade the appearance of stretch marks

Cypress Oil

This oil can help with skin care in the following ways:

  • improves circulation
  • strengthens the skin
  • reduces varicose vein appearance
  • reduces the appearance of broken capillaries

As you have just learned, there are many wonderful essential oils that act as the healthiest oils for skin care. When you combine these with the right cooking oils and the healthiest cooking oil available today, you begin to create a recipe for excellent health.

To continue the trend, we are going to share our favorite oils that are perfect for facial skin health. Let’s take a look at these wonderful oils right now.

5 Best Healthy Oils to Use on Your Face

Facial skin health and longevity doesn’t happen by accident. You have to work hard to keep your appearance looking young and beautiful. And you have to find the right ingredients to maintain flawless skin on your face.

For some of us, this happens to come easy. We have great genetics and this goes a long way in helping us look younger as we age. For others, we have to find the best ingredients to maintain healthy and flawless looking face skin.

Today we are going to take a look at five powerful face oils that act as natural cleansers and also provide the ability to eliminate many of our unwanted facial flaws. These oils have been known to promote healing while creating beautiful, flawless skin.

We will now look at our five favorite face oils below. Remember, some of these are going to be repeats from earlier sections. But we will focus on the beneficial properties that they contain to help improve the skin on your face.

Ready to learn the truth? Let’s get started.

Hempseed Oil

Hempseed oil is an excellent choice for facial cleansing and skin care because it provides a wide variety of benefits. As one of the essential oils, this oil can literally work magic on your facial complexion and restore your healthy, beautiful, flawless complexion once again.

The main face benefits of hempseed oil include the following:

  • it does not clog pores
  • reduces the size of pores
  • eliminates acne
  • eliminates the appearance of blackheads
  • protects the skin against free radical damage
  • improves skin elasticity
  • acts as an excellent treatment for eczema and psoriasis due to its anti-inflammatory properties
  • contains 80% essential fatty acids

Tamanu Oil

As far as healthy oils are concerned, this oil is one of the best to help improve facial skin health. It also provides a wide range of benefits to preserve and protect the health and longevity of the skin on your face.

The main benefits include:

  • regenerate skin tissue
  • heels broken skin
  • repairs of sun damaged skin
  • repairs skin damage by acne
  • contains antioxidant, antibiotic, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties

Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil is excellent for facial skin care. Some of the biggest health benefits for the skin of the face include:

  • penetrates deeply below the layers of the skin
  • helps to increase skin cell regeneration
  • helps to boost the production of collagen
  • rich in omega 6 fatty acids, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin C
  • helps to heal scar tissue
  • helps to brightness skin
  • can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • helps to eliminate the appearance of acne and other unwanted skin blemishes

As you can see, rosehip oil contains many wonderful properties that help to improve the health of the skin on your face. Add it to your daily facial cleansing regimen and you’ll see improvements very quickly.

Castor Oil

Castor oil contains many properties that are great for improving the skin tone and texture of your face. The biggest benefits that this healthy oil provides include the following:

  • has antibacterial properties
  • contains anti-inflammatory properties
  • helps to prevent acne flare-ups
  • contains vitamin E, minerals, proteins, and unsaturated fats
  • reduces bacteria that causes acne
  • reduces inflammation that leads to acne breakouts
  • helps the face heal from scars and discoloration resulting from acne

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is the next amazing oil that is ideal for use on the face. It’s an excellent option that helps in a number of different ways.

The main benefits for the face include:

  • promotes clear skin
  • it is easily absorbed
  • tricks the skin into producing less oil
  • and much more

All in all, every one of the healthy oils mentioned today in this section is very beneficial for your face. They can create the appearance of youth and beauty that you may not have experienced for many years.

It’s our recommendation to try the five essential oils for the face at your convenience. Test them out and figure out which ones work the best for you. Then add that oil to your nightly face cleansing ritual.

Now we will move on to the final chapter and look at the health benefits of popular essential oils.

The Greatest Benefits of 5 Popular Healing Oils

Living a healthy and balanced physical and emotional life is not always easy to achieve. Sometimes, creating balance in your life requires something extra special.

For many of us, healthy oils in the form of essential oils are the perfect ingredient to help promote health and balance out our lives. These popular oils are used in many products in this day and age. You can find essential oils in aromatherapy, cosmetics, and today’s popular perfumes. They are also used as a topical application, put in soothing baths, used during massages and used in other ways.

We will share our five favorite healing oils with you right now.

Peppermint Oil

As far as healing oils are concerned, peppermint oil certainly carries its weight. This aromatic essential oil has a penetrating and strong menthol aroma, and it is cut with a sweet undertone.

The biggest healing benefits of peppermint oil include:

  • it helps to relieve stomach pains and other forms of digestive distress
  • has anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties
  • contains antiseptic, antimicrobial, astringent and antifungal properties
  • helps to relieve heartburn
  • helps to cure bad breath
  • helps to improve mental health
  • used to eliminate headaches
  • used to fight back against respiratory problems
  • it can even fight back against emotional issues including anxiety, fatigue, anger, stress and depression

Oregano Oil

Oregano oil is very popular in the culinary world. But most people do not know that it also contains many wonderful healing properties. The health benefits derived from this plant are amazing.

As a matter of fact, oregano oil provides the following health benefits:

  • it is used to treat fungal infections
  • it can help to alleviate sore throats
  • fights back against athletes foot
  • can help break up sinus congestion
  • is used to treat sprains
  • can help to alleviate arthritis pain
  • can help to shrink cysts
  • it helps against tendinitis
  • it used to alleviate the symptoms of herpes, candida, warts and shingles

While oregano oil has many healing properties, it can also be used to repel fleas, mites, bedbugs and lice when turned into a liquid spray concentration.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil has a mild smell that is somewhat pungent but it’s also very refreshing and sweet. This is the aroma that you’ll typically find in mouthwashes, rash creams, vapor rubs, inhalers, and it’s also used in aromatherapy.

As far as medicinal properties are concerned, Eucalyptus oil can provide the following health benefits:

  • contains antibacterial, anti-septic, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties
  • can help to boost the immune system
  • used topically it can treat wounds, bug bites, boils, sore muscles and burns
  • when inhaled it can help heal respiratory tract infections
  • can also fight the negative effects of sinus pain, bronchitis, and asthma
  • helps to relieve stress
  • helps to increase alertness
  • helps to relieve congestion
  • can help improve concentration

Lavender Oil

As far as healthy oils are concerned, one of the best essential oils for creating a calm mental and physical environment is lavender oil. Not only does it work wonders on your nerves, but it also has a beautiful floral smell. The oil has the ability to provide psychological and physiological benefits.

In fact, our favorite health benefits include:

  • contains antidepressant, antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties
  • it’s used to treat anxiety
  • can help to fight back against respiratory problems
  • it is used to treat minor burns and wounds
  • it is used to treat bee stings and insect bites
  • it can clear up acne breakouts
  • it can prevent hair loss
  • it is used to overcome the negative effects of an earache
  • and it also helps with women’s health issues
  • finally, it can helps combat headaches, stress and insomnia

Clove Oil

Clove oil is the last on our list of healthy oils. In truth, there are many other healthy oils that we neglected to mention today. We’ve decided to distill this list down to our five favorite.

Clove oil possesses many wonderful healing properties. The main health benefits provided by clove oil include:

  • treats toothaches and gum disease
  • it’s used for oral and antiseptic care
  • contains antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, antiviral, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and aphrodisiac properties
  • can help to fight back against indigestion
  • it is used to treat fungal infections
  • it is used to treat athletes foot
  • it is used to treat prickly heat rash


At the end of the day, the five types of beneficial oils that we have mentioned today can help you tremendously on a physical and emotional level. We highly recommend incorporating these oils into your daily life. Read through the benefits once again. If you have nagging ache, pain, or emotional distress and specific oils can help alleviate it, you should definitely begin using them as part of your daily health and well-being routine.